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The Revolution

It is March, 1907 and you are passing through a small village in Romania.  While walking around the town square, a teenage boy named Adrian approaches you in a panic.  He rushingly explains that his brother is in grave danger and pleads for your help.

You have heard whispers of a peasant Revolt in your travels and you are concerned for the boy and his brother.  As you reluctantly agree to help, Adrian whisks you down side streets, telling you the hushed story of his brother, Vasile.

In the dash through alleys and tight corridors, Adrian explains that Vasile has been the keeper of the town clock tower for many years.  The Prefect, the locally reviled government official, always stops by around the same time each day to hear the chimes.  Vasile did not return home this past evening and Adrian noticed the clock has not been working since last night. 

Adrian must go and look for his brother.  In the meantime, he needs your help to get the clock back up and running before Prefect Vasescu notices Vasile’s absence. 

“Please hurry,” Adrian begs, “he’ll be here in 1 hour!”